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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 20, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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they don't think that the federal government has done enough for them and address their pain and anger. i think that it is a wakeup call for democrats not only in massachusetts clearly but across the country. >> what do you think contributed to the end result? was it more of dissatisfaction, you are characterizing with people in general with things out there? was it a poorly-run campaign on behalf of martha coakley? >> you know, i think -- a combination of factors. obviously, a candidate that apparently said, you know, she didn't want to get up and shake hands at fenway park because it is too cold. well, you know, tip o'neill said all politics is local. you have to get up, fight and be out there. that's on one hand. on the other hand, you had voters who were really angry that they didn't think that the people in washington were paying attention to what's going on in their lives. i don't think it was necessarily about health care because very frankly, massachusetts has
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health care. even scott brown voted for health care. they are saying -- lot of other issues like jobs and we want to make sure that people are paying -- our legislator, our representative, are paying attention to us. i think that the people in washington have been seen as doing sort of deals and legislation and not producing results. i think that this is a wakeup call you just can't talk and argue. you have to actually get results. >> how do the democrats go about doing that? i mean, i would -- i would imagine a kennedy out there on the stump would be out there at fenway park and in the early morning hours shaking hands. >> that's a good point. i'm sure if my brother joe were running, he would have won. i just -- i know that because he knows how to fight. he knows how to argue. he knows how to articulate what needs to be done. i'm sure if ted kennedy was on the ballot he would have won as well. i think the -- >> you bring up a point, though. i mean, look, politics is local to a degree. yet, this one has such large
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national ramifications to it. do you think the democrats need to stop thinking so much on the national level and get back to local politics? that's where it all starts. >> i think what they -- what democrats have to do is produce results. and i think that the problem is they spent a year working on the health care bill and it hasn't -- hasn't passed. and then they saw that there were some, you know, large -- nebraska which seemed wrong. you know why are they getting special treatment? i think that what -- >> so -- >> therefore, what you ned to do is have a bill that doesn't look like it is just paying off everybody. actually getting somebody covered. and obviously that wants really an issue in massachusetts as much because they had health care. scott brown himself said he voted for health care in mass glass when it comes to, i guess, the moral steps that the democratic party needs to take right now, do they try to do whatever they can to rush through health care or do they look at this vote in massachusetts and as potentially
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being a referendum on the national health care issue? >> no, i don't think you can say that. because it is -- you know, they have health care in massachusetts. as you know, when -- when health care was being passed in massachusetts, many people in massachusetts were against it. and now about 80% are for it. the legislative process, i guess, like -- making sausage doesn't always look good. but if you can get the results people say now we are covered and we weren't covered before. now if you have a pre-existing condition, you are still going to get coverage. the interesting thing, alex is that when you say health care reform, people don't like it. and that's probably because the health industry spent over $100 million over health care reform. but if you ask individually, should people be not allowed to get health care because of a pre-existing condition, should health care be portable? should health care continue even if you are unemployed? people say yes. so those parts of the bill people like. it is when you get to the
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details people like it. my view is health care should be passed and people will see the good results of it and will move on. and, you know, change is difficult. barack obama wrote on -- rode on change. in our own lives, even if you want to change, it is hard to change and scare dwroy change. that's what -- the president is up against. >> all right. kathleen kennedy townsend, thank so much for weighing in. we appreciate that. >> thank you. on the heels of that, what now for the democrats? what will they do? we are joined by nbc news washington bureau chief mark whitaker and mike viqueira from the white house. good afternoon, guys. mark, what do they do now? what do the democrats do to move forward with the president's jane did a? >> you are hearing a lot of talk how they can salvage health care but, frankly, it is very hard to see exactly how that is going to happen right now. the senate side have you influential democrats like evan bayh and jim webb saying we can't do anything at this point
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until scott brown arrives. it would be fundamentally undemocratic and not respecting the will of the people and on the house side, frankly, you are seeing the start of a civil war. progressives who didn't really like the senate bill and are saying we can't just pass the senate bill because there are all kinds of things in there we don't agree with. the excise task on the cadillac plans to start with. then you have blue dog conservatives who don't like the abortion language in the senate bill. the idea that somehow the house is going to come together, democrats and the house to pass the senate bill, also is just, i think, very unlikely at this point. >> okay. let's get to you, mike, now. just a couple of hours ago, white house secretary robert gibbs gave his row action to the massachusetts senate results. let's take a look from earlier. >> evan bayh said if you don't hear this wakeup call, then, you know, he doesn't know what else can be done. do you guys hear this wakeup call? do you believe that this was a wakeup call to whether it is retool your message, whether it
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is to get your message out there better, do you hear a wakeup call on what happened yesterday? >> chuck, again, i don't think that what senator bye would argue is that we somehow band in our pursuit on -- things important to the middle class, make college more affordable and retirement more secure, how to create an environment for good paying jobs in this country. >> so why does -- does the white house see this more as a referendum on the economy, the unemployment numbers out there as opposed to what they have been planning to do with health care? >> yeah, well, there are a few things here. you saw robert gibbs and david axelrod on the daily run-down recalibrating the message to take on the populist tone. when there is a parade you jump out in front. anything we have seen over the last several months, a resurgence in pop listm and than anti-washington populist many. with health care, they had a couple of rounds of recidivism when it comes to their message to begin with. when they were talking about
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bedding the cost curve, no, that's the wrong message. too inside the beltway. it is too arcane. let's talk about what lit do to the individual and talk about the insurance companies and their excesses. they tried to do that and still they are finding themselves coming up short. i don't think it is sacrificing objectivity to agree with the president when he said this is hard. maybe it is a bridge too far. i think people may have to start considering that. >> okay. mike viqueira and mark whitaker, thanks very much. let's get to another developing story here we have been following. bomb teams searching for explosives at the home of a man accused of shooting and killing eight people. virginia state police arrested christopher speight earlier this morning after an intense search. he was wearing a bulletproof vest. a team made up of state police, bomb experts called in after the bodies were discovered in the home in the town of appamatox. just a couple of hours ago, the police shared new details about
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speight and the crime scene. >> at the time he surrendered, speight was wearing a bulletproof vest and he had no weapons in his possession at the time he surrendered. >> he didn't live there. he was not identified the relationship between speight and victims. >> police saying speight co-owned the home where the bodies were found and we will continue to watch the story and bring you any new developments as we get them at msnbc. rescue and cleanup moving at a fran advertise pace in haiti. it is a fight against the clock to search for any survivors. nbc's ron allen is in port-au-prince. with a good afternoon to you, let's get the latest from your vantage point. >> reporter: the big story here happened at 6:00 a.m. when he had 56.0 aftershock that quite frankly scared a lot of us. something to be jolted from your bed in the morning and run out of the hotel. nothing happened.
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there was no damage. there was no -- no one injured. for reports from you a round the country of any further damage because of that. emotionally and psychologically it probably dealt a toll to a lot of people here. lot of haitians have been very skittish and worried about more aftershocks and more damage and i can tell you from personal experience, it was quite scary. in terms of the recovery and rescue operation, we were out in the neighborhood not long ago when we ran into a team of miami-dade county that had been working out at the supermarket trying to rescue people. today they said it was the first time they don't think there are any more big opportunities around the city of port-au-prince to find more survivors. they literally have been driving through neighborhoods where people have been flagging them, saying hey, come over here. help us. we think there's somebody alive here. and there are a lot of haitians, lot of people in the community here who still believe that there are people who are -- survived the quake and are trapped under the rubble. the likelihood of that grows dimmer by each day. that's a sense of where we are
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now. the teams are still out there and people are still worried and still hopeful. >> ron allen with that update. thanks so much, ron. it has been a tough day for president obama on this his one-year anniversary in office. democrats defeated massachusetts in the president's transportation security nominee withdraws his name from consideration. latest details on that. and then if you wondered where tiger woods has been hiding all this time, we found him. we will take you there. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to protecting the things you care about... ...leave nothing to chance. travelers. insurance for auto, home, and business.
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it is time to take a look at the news making headlines for you now. president obama's choice to run the transportation security administration is bowing out. he's withdrawing his nomination because of his becoming a lightning rod for those with a political agenda.
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southers was tapped to lead the tsa in september. a major stroller recall is under weigh after several children lost their fingertips. graco is recalling 1.5 million strollers. the consumer protection safety commission says some children got their fingertips amputated by hinges while using the canopy. details on our website. construction of new homes dipped unexpectedly last month. news is not all bad. commerce department said construction fell about 4% because of bad weather. the good news is application force future projects have soared by about 11%. the obama administration is trying to ease a jittery's public's concern about security. answer challenges from republicans that say the administration has mott done enough to make the country safe. there are series of hearings going on in washington right now on the hill. homeland secretary janet napolitano is testifying before two panels today about the christmas day bomb plot, what went wrong. senators are grilling the lead
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bers how their failures and how they can make the system work and then you just saw right there, public fib director robert muler and another hearing room on capitol hill and says the u.s. does mantled much of al qaeda's train structure in afghanistan. however the terror network and the associated groups are rebuilding in pakistan, yemen, and africa. the suspect in that attack told investigators he was trained in yemen by al qaeda associates. joining me now, terrorism analyst. roger, did day to you. >> you, too. so what are the lessons we learned from that which is being discussed on capitol hill and looking at the investigation of the christmas day bombing attempt that ones you think we learned that will be put into a permanent sense of change in our security operation? >> before get to that, i want to say one quick thing on southers. errol is a personal friend of mine. he is a true patriot. this is a real tragedy because him not becoming the director of tsa is a loss for our nation.
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to get to what happened on christmas, i think the issue here is something we talked about after 9/11. a failure of imagination. it wasn't a factor -- wasn't a question of having the right information. waits a question of thinking about creatively how to put the information together. so this served as wakeup call to the intelligence community. what you are see sing a couple of things. one, how do we employ better technology to connect the dots in a more effective way? two, how do we prioritize the threats so we can think creatively. al qaeda and arabian peninsula was a threat. the administration knew it but didn't think they had the capability to look to project power inside the united states. and if this was a threat that came out of pakistan and al qaeda central, we would devote tremendous resources towards it and because we know that type of threat. so looking at it more creatively and innovate live is a key part of the loans learned here. >> how many times have you and i talked about issues like this? and as we both know, it is going to take one damnable incident
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that brings everything down here. what have we learned that makes us say we are not going to get to that point and are you confident we are there now? >> well, a lot of people have said well, the -- administration, intelligence communication got come place en. i think that's a load of garbage. the issue is how is the system working now and can it be improved? the administration is right when they say this was than a failure of information sharing. it was a failure of taking the information that was shared and doing a better job of analyzing and it prioritizing it and acting upon it. that's what has to happen. >> does it need more education? sit different influx of people coming in? understand things better. sit taking off any timid gloves? i mean, what is it? >> technology i talked about it. a billion pieces of data collected by the united states government every day. you can't -- you can't just let human analysts try to sort that. you have to let technology do part of it. second is thinking creatively, when we look at al qaeda and its
12:18 pm
affiliates how can we think about them better in terms of what capability they might have that we haven't identified yet. we should be thinking about it in terms of being proactive. the third is looking at the director of national intelligence, whose job it is to step back and think about how we get ahead of the curve. he failed to do that in this instance. he and his people have to do a better job. >> thanks for talking like it is. appreciate that. the residents of southern california are being forced to evacuate because of rain and lot of it. up to 20 inches by the end of the week and it is already causing a big mess. we will show it to you on msnbc. >> improvements in technology are enabling people to work from almost anywhere. social networking sites provide near opportunities to reach and engage with specific consumer segments. and businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to tap into the
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conan is leaving and jay is back after your local news. >> i'm three days away from the biggest drinking binge in history. >> other than that, a few details left to figure out in the battle between conan o'brien and nbc's exit from "the tonight
12:22 pm
show." conan o'brien reportedly fighting for cushy severance deals. 200 staffers will soon be out of work. jeff zuker is ready to move the network forward. >> obviously this wasn't exactly what the viewers wanted. and so i don't know that we would have done this exactly but i do think that taking a risk and trying something new is something that we would -- we should always be willing to do. >> so far negotiations yield ad proposed deal that could pay o'brien more than $30 million for leaving nbc and "the tonight show" and would also allow leno to go to late night after his 10:00 p.m. show goes off the air. democrats on the hill are scrambling to figure out what to do about health care now they no longer have a 60-feet majority. what are the options for getting a bill on the president's desk. china cracks down on text messaging. consequences are huge. you are watching msnbc news. ork
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look at that. up to ten feet of snow in the california mountains before this week's series of storms is over. the video is from the mountains east of sacramento. driving turned treacherous even with vehicles with snow chains. interstate 80 was shut down after a car spun out and overturned in a ditch. no matter how much snow, residents cleared from around their homes, more just keeps on falling. in other parts of the state, down south, severe flooding forcing people from their homes now after would days of thunderstorms, lightning and flooding, the water level in someplaces is already dangerously high. the residents are being evacuated right now from tujunga and could be homeless for five hits. john, with a good day to you, boy, it is just no letup there. what about the evacuations?
12:27 pm
>> reporter: actually, just saw one of the sheriff deputies drive past me. coming around now and knocking on doors and letting folks now. 30 minutes ago is when the m mandatory evacuation went into effect. they gave them a heads-up to let them know it will start to make sure they get out of their homes in time for this. while we wait for the big storm to come down. i want to point out on the street we are on, ocean view, there's a lot of water coming down off the mountainside now. we had rain this morning. there was at one point felt like there was a river coming down this street. not a lot of debris but the water. good news. they have this set newspaper a way you see the k-rail, jersey barrier here. if anything comes down it will come up against that and that will actually divert it further down the street and then around where you see our live truck here and there is another barrier and will push it that way and through a fence they have cut out because there's a stream that runs alongside this road and they are hoping anything that comes off the mountainside will end up in that stream and not into that these homes but are warning people and
12:28 pm
said specifically let people know that they are not just talking about, you know, reason why they are evacuating folks. not just because there could be debris in the streets and may not be able to reach your home. they are talking about the possibility this mountainside could fall and that the houses could be crushed as a result of this. they are say thing very, very dangerous. people really need to pay attention. there are still some folks you see them packing up and going. this is steve brown who we have been speaking with earlier this morning. he has a pretty nice setup in the backyard using railroad ties to help shore up the mountainside behind his home. he was saying he was going to start packing up and getting his things out of here as soon as he started seeing some type of slip image his backyard. they want to stay home but are telling folks not to do it. if they are telling to you go they need you to. >> looks like people definitely are paying attention. as well they should under the circumstances. thanks for that update. republican scott brown pulled off a stunning victory over democrat martha coakley in massachusetts for the senate seat ted kennedy held for nearly
12:29 pm
50 years. short time ago brown addressed reporters for the first time as senator-elect and says his election is a sign voters are fed up with washingtones business as usual. >> behind-the-scenes deals of nebraska, you know, subsidizing medicaid forever, things like that, have just rum -- just drive people crazy. >> on the hill short time ago, house speaker nancy pelosi said the health bill will still move forward but on the senate flora fiery senator john mccain had a different point of view. >> stop! start from the beginning and sit down and work for america. do what's been done in the pastime after time after time. where we sit down and negotiate in good faith efforts. so far that has not happened. >> for his part senate majority leader harry reid says he plans to move forward. >> we will continue to leave a seat at the table for our republican colleagues.
12:30 pm
when their caucus comprises 40 or 41 members we should all be united within the walls of this chamber. >> nbc's luke russert is live for us on capitol hill. luke, with a good afternoon to you. what kind of options do the democrats have when it comes to health care? >> reporter: well, alex, after last night's stunning upset by scott brown they are limited. in theory this is what they can do. number one, the idea of passing this bill quickly before brown is seated, that was effectively killed off by senator jim webb last tonight saying democrats should wait until he's seated before the process goes forward. number two, having the house simply pass the senate bill and that bill becoming law. rank and file house democrats told me last night there's no way they will support the senate bill without major changes so that option seems to be off the table now. number three, trying to court olympia snow and get her onboard by alter thing house bill that would -- need to be passed, possibly putting it back into the senate and if that were to happen, it will take a long
12:31 pm
time. "washington post" reported president obama spoke to snowe last friday. number four, use reconciliation. mechanism to pass some sort of bill in the senate with 51 votes. there are a lot of legal questions right now and the house members are trying to figure out, try to familiarize themselves with that process. in theory, maybe they could pass the senate bill and then immediately have some sort of reconciliation bill that would go to the senate and would fix the issues the house has. that possible woes take a while. and it does look now that health care reform is significantly derailed because of scott brown's victory last night. nothing is going to happen in the very near future. looks like they will have to go back to the drawing board. maybe, maybe pass some sort of watered-down bill that could get some more republican support. but the robust public option, all these things that -- lot of progressives wanted, the
12:32 pm
subsidies for lower income people, a lot of that stuff is off the table now. >> so much in the air by terms of group of content, time. okay. >> amazing. seven-month process comes down to scott brown winning a special election in massachusetts. unbelievable. >> i mo. absolutely unbelievable. thanks for that. loss of ted kennedy's senate seat caps a string of political setbacks for president obama and democratic party. the democrats lost governor's seats in new jersey, virginia and ted kennedy's seat last night. political landscape changed. consider what the white house has tried to confront over the past year. first up, an economy headed towards a depression, rising unemployment. spiraling health care costs. decision on afghanistan troops. no threats of terrorism from yemen as well as a natural disaster in haiti. joining us for a look back at president obama's year, good friend, democratic strategist, radio co-host, republican strategist john. good to see you both. >> hey, alex.
12:33 pm
>> let's talk bshg obama's approval rating. with the approval rating at 48%, disapprove at 43%. yet the voters aren't backing up his health care agenda as evidenced by the massachusetts vote. another gubernatorial votes in the fall. explain this. >> well, alex, i think that the president's health care package was ill-defined and way too big and n scope and way too expensive, way too intrusive. had the president done what a lot of us suggested taking small bite-sized pieces, do something out of pre-existing conditions alone, do something on small business, and do different component parts, he would have gotten vast overwhelming support and good accomplishments. i think the president failed because he had a bad straty and was too aggressive and too arrogant in his majorities and i think that they made strategic mistakes. >> okay. david, how does the president harn that's kind of power? nbc/"wall street journal" talks about the feelings in this poll
12:34 pm
towards president obama. people like the man. they like him as being president. 75% are saying we like him. 44% approve of his policies. what does he need to do to harness that kind of political power and get it to translate to votes for his agendas. >> obviously, everything of this nature has to go through congress. so the president needs to tap his own personal popularity to the votes, re-election of multiple members of congress. i have to point out just in response to something john said. you know, this health reform packages much more modest than what president clinton proposed and way more modest than what president nixon proposed. you don't necessarily have a partisan policy. in many way it is policy codified in that bill is very bipartisan which you have is very partisan politics. >> then, david, how did it become so partisan in its interpretation from the economy? i mean, from the -- citizens across the united states. >> with all due deference to my
12:35 pm
republican friend they did a very good job of say nothing and being unified. my democratic friends will disagree with me on this. i think that there is a silver lining to what happened in massachusetts for democrats. no longer can the republicans say everything is your fault. anything that comes out of congress now is going to be, by definition, bipartisan. the question for the republicans, tricky one, the question for the republicans is are they going to be willing to be productive parts after solution or continue this dr. no mantra and find themselves being blamed for a lack of action in the next midterm. >> can i jump in? it wasn't just the republicans saying no. american people were saying no. the people in massachusetts said no, thank you under the health care plan. they don't want it. the president should do is go back to the drawing board and start anew and get something discreet and understandable for the american people. you asked a question about the president being likable. people like this guy. no doubt bit. they don't like his policies because his policies are not the
12:36 pm
right policies for most americans. >> all right, guys. good to see you both, as always. >> thank you. let's get to the latest headlines out of haiti for you now. anxious haitians are recovering today after a strong aftershock hit early this morning. the epicenter of this morning's quake 35 miles northwest of port-au-prince, that's been so hard hit. that quake sent screaming people running out into the streets and rubble flying out of damaging buildings. as of this hour, the military says there are approximately 12,500 military men and women on the ground in haiti and at sea supporting the recovery efforts. u.s. military sending more ships to help with recovery including a ship that can remove debris. doctors without borders says it is frustrated with the delay of medical supplies getting into port-au-prince. the agency claims a cargo with 12 tons of medical supplies has been turned away three times
12:37 pm
since sunday. before the earthquake, haiti was home to some 380,000 orphans. a staggering number. now the crisis is magnified. with so many children wandering the street looking for parents that will never come home again, it is a full-blown crisis for the children of haiti. joining me now via skype is mark stewart, founder of the hands and feet project and orphanage in the southern port town. we are glad to have you with us. let's talk about what you are going -- have going on right there and what the most pressing needs are for you. >> well, basically we are very well supplied here at the orphanage and have been working on that the last five days. the city is starting to see supplies coming in. we are happy to see the canadian army here. they are setting up a hospital. taking over the airport. running the airport for smaller airplanes, bringing supplies
12:38 pm
from not only our orphanage but other orphanages in the area. this morning, we all -- all these guys were -- we were scared to death. we are asking everybody to pray for us and think about the kids here. they have been through so much. these guys are, you know, part of our hands and feet project and they want to say thanks for everybody in america supporting them so much. >> mark, certainly thanks to you for leading that effort. how many kids do you have there that you are responsible for? >> we have 44 children here at the orphanage here. we have 32 where it was hit harder. their building, we can't get to them. their building completely collapsed. one of their workers actually killed there. injuries. so our efforts are going to be raising money to help rebuild that or fan sxaj build other places here for orphans come hearing the next few days due to
12:39 pm
the earthquake. these guys will have new budies and new friends. >> mark, what do you think about the temporary policy put in place by the department of homeland security announcing that orphan haitian kids can get into the united states at least on a temporary case by case basis? is that the kind of solution you need right now to help ease the problem, crisis? >> most definitely. i'm so glad -- it is very difficult to adopt for many years. this is an incredible tragedy. i see a lot of positive things will happen. i think that particular is a great move to get kids out that are desperate of love, care and affection. i know there are a lot of americans that are pant r wanting to adopt. these kids are beautiful and have great hearts. i just want them to have good homes. >> mark, how many of the kids there are recently there to your orphanage as a result of the haiti earthquake? >> we have not received any yet
12:40 pm
because of the mayor still looking to go through the process. we are looking at -- many tens of orphans over the coming weeks. a lot of the focus right now is on housing organization, getting supplies and hospitals up. lot of the infrastructure is lagging behind, you know. so -- it will probably take a week or two before we start to receive requests to take in new orphans, whether from here or port-au-prince. one of the other issues we are seeing, protection around here, i think we are going to see a lot of refugees from port-au-prince. once the mountain pass is completed and tap i'm sure we will see a lot of people coming over requests to take babies. unfortunately parents that died. >> yes. well, it is a heart breaking story. many thanks to you for your efforts. i'm sure those kids appreciate you and love you. mark stu a, founder of the hands and feet project, thanks for giving us the update.
12:41 pm
>> thank you so much. i want to say thanks to one particular ministry. goministries opinion org helped with us hundreds of thousands of dollars. i want to say thanks to those guys. thank you, guy. >> i'm sure they appreciate the shout-out. thank you, mark. developing now. stocks down almost 200 points as a wave of corporate earnings comes in. in terms of the news from the big banks there. bank of america reported a larger than expected fourth-quarter loss. $5.2 billion. most of that loss was tied to repaying $45 billion in government bailout money. morgan stanley reported it earned $617 million in the fourth quarter. profiting from the smith barney joint venture. that was below the analyst's expectations. then unexpected fourth-quarter profit from wells fargo. reported fourth-quarter earnings of $394 million. let's go to cnbc's mike huckman for the interpretation of these numbers. good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you. before i dive into the market action, a quick note on haiti.
12:42 pm
according to the u.s. chamber of commerce as of yesterday, more than 200 american companies have donated more than $83 million. meantime, a judgment in the american dollar clamp-down on bank lending in china. big bank earnings you talked about in ibm's earnings as well, reaction to the massachusetts senate election are all driving the stock markets lower today. the dow right now is down 186 points. the nasdaq where tech stocks are under pressure because of a disappointing outlook from ibm down 43 points now. the s&p 500 is down 18.5 points. bank of america and morgan stanley reported weaker than expected reports where wells fargo did better than wall street thought it would. analysts forecasted wells would lose money but made that profit even though it paid back $25 billion of that to the feds. warren buffett says cheese and chocolate do not mix.
12:43 pm
buf bu buffett says he does not like kraft's $20 billion deal to buy the cadbury candy company. it looks like the deal will get done. finally one deal investors think, alex, is not going to get done is the one on health care reform in the wake of the republican victory in massachusetts last night. there's that old adage on wall street, you buy stocks on the rumor and you sell them on the news. that's what's playing out over the last couple of days. health care stocks rallied big yesterday. broad sell-off in health care today. back to you. >> thank you very much. mike huckman. it is a boston tea party. actually there are tea parties happening across the country stood. protesting the president's first year in office. then looking back on the first year in the white house, senior adviser david axelrod sits down for a one-on-one with andrea mitchell. (announcer) imagine one eye drop so exceptional, it relieves seven symptoms. visine totality multi-symptom. now reduce the red; bathe the dry and gritty; soothe the itch, irritated, burning and watery.
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this just in to us at msnbc news. sarah palin and john mccain are
12:47 pm
reuniting. according to the associated press, palin will be heading to air in march to help mccain campaign for his re-election to the u.s. senate. mccain has he is looking forward to get back on the campaign trail with his former running mate. the tea party independent voters have a new messenger. >> when there is trouble in massachusetts rest assured there is trouble everywhere and they know it. >> today the teapartiers will try to leverage brown's victory marking obama's one-year anniversary in massachusetts. philip dennis is joining me, texas tea party organizer. hello to you, philip. >> hello. how do you do? >> i'm fine. i hope you are, too. when talk about protest and you think about people organizing in the streets. that's not the case. you are saying, people, stay home. why? >> we are not telling people to stay home. we are telling people to get out and get in the voting booth. no only just helping events with people protesting but organizing and taking the tea party message
12:48 pm
and fiscal responsibility into the neighborhoods and getting people out and getting them in the primary voting boots where we can effect change and then, of course, voting the general election as well. >> what do you think of colleagues in southern california who are suggesting people strike overall today? don't go to work, don't support businesses. just say your peace by not saying anything at all and stay home today? >> i think that's an isolated thing. i'm pretty in touch with what's going on at n the tea party world. it is not popular. we are the working people of america and pay the bills. we don't have time to strike and take off. we need the pay. >> what do you think the momentum is behind the tea party? >> i think the tea party momentum is that common sense americans saw our country over the last several years and even decades going the wrong direction. more and more government, bigger spending, higher taxes. more regulation. and it is not what our country was founded upon. and we see our country going the wrong way. we did not elect a president obama to turn us into venezuela and then that's what we are seeing with a lot of the
12:49 pm
nationalization of industry, banks, and health care and even energy policy. we are not going to stand for that. >> okay, texas tea party organizer philip dennis. thanks for that. meantime, it has been months since anyone has seen tiger woods. we think we know where he might be hiding. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa. elizabeth: g'night ben. jim bob:'night. elizabeth: g'night jim bob. jim bob: g'night everybody, grandpa: g'night everybody. jim bob: g'night daddy. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. transform drinks you want, into cold medicine you need. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder.
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china has a new policy that does not like the text messages. if sent in the country your cell phone will be disabled. beijing banned illegal or unhealthy contented text messages but hasn't defined what that entails. well the new pga season is under way and no sign of the golf world's biggest star tiger woods. he's on indefinite leave from the game. there are new reports he is seeking treatment for sex addiction. nbc's ron mott is live in
12:53 pm
hattiesburg, mississippi. it has become a tourist attraction. >> reporter: we want to tell you about an unusual look. we have seen a little later this morning that involved two vehicles, two vans with people on those vans, followed him to this complex behind me by a police vehicle. the police vehicle allowed those vans to go into the facility, blocked the driveway, stood guard on that post for a little over an hour and until that same convoy left to go back to a satellite camp about a mile down the road from here. there's certainly some evidence there is someone here being treated who wants to guard their privacy. >> why do we think that someone is tiger woods? >> reporter: there have been reported sightings, a photo or two circulating on the web this morning that certainly appears to be tiger woods. this is a very good facility and care about the privacy of their patients as they are being treated. no confirmation tiger is here. >> well, we know you will stay on it. ron motd, thanks so much for that. that's a wrap up this hour. thanks so much for watching. i'm alex witt. up next, "andrea mitchell
12:54 pm
reports." andrea mitchell talking live with david axelrod. stay tuned for that. - ( whirring ) - oh, you know what? let me call you back. announcer: you don't drink every time you smoke. yet you smoke every time you drink. drinking and smoking don't have to go together. re-learn life without cigarettes, free, at a new way to think about quitting.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," happy anniversary, mr. president. >> all kidding aside, various basketball player daughter. i know you play a lot of hoops. you we will play you two on two. you know what, mr. mr. president, regardless we may not agree on some things, you have a sense of humor and you have to have a sense of hume bore politics. >> especially today for democrats. massachusetts seeing red. a day after one of the buggest political upsets, the question is what happens to health care now? what happens to the rest of the president's agenda? president obama is hugely popular as a person but not so much on issues. the president's top strategist david axelrod joining us
12:58 pm
straight ahead from the house. republican could brown's victory has given new life to the republican party. joining us this hour, republican senate campaign chair john cornyn. >> in haiti today, a 6.1 aftershock. strongest tremor since last week's quake. sending people running into the streets. >> sitting at a desk and started rattling. i said, here we go. everybody bolted out the door and down a spiral staircase out to a courtyard to the street. >> is u.s. relief finally getting to the people who really need it? good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. let's go right to the white house. and to the president's senior adviser david axelrod. david, great to see and you thanks for joining us. busy day. tough day for democrats, tough day for the obama administration. let me show you john mccain on the senate floor a little bit ago talking about what should happen next on health care. >> mr. president, here we are.
12:59 pm
now the rumors are they will jam this proposal through the house of representatives and then bypass what's always been the normal legislative process. they should not do that. the american people have spoken. the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. stop this process. sit down. open transparent negotiations. let's begin from the beginning. >> david, is the president, are you prepared to begin from the beginning? >> well, andrea, i'm not prepared to discuss process issues. the thing that i know is that the president embarked on this mission of dealing with the health insurance system because there are people all over this country, neem have insurance and people that don't, who are feeling a tremendous burden because of the cost of it and becauf


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